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Our Story

Suzanne Powers Realty Group, Inc. is Wisconsin’s #1 Boutique Broker and the fastest-growing independent real estate brokerage firm in Southeastern Wisconsin. As a locally owned company, we offer home buyers and sellers personalized services from real estate professionals who are experts in Milwaukee-area real estate markets and trends. Picky about the details and always progressing, Suzanne Powers Realty Group is known for providing the best service to clients. We accomplish this through embracing marketing innovations and cutting-edge technologies in the real estate industry, including, but certainly not limited to, HDR photography, aerial tours, HD 3D home videos, interior design and staging, and custom graphics. Our website attracts thousands home buyers and sellers monthly.

Selling and buying a home can be both rewarding and stressful. Our agents recognize this and are committed to providing all our clients with an experience they will love. We are the local experts and provide our clients with knowledgeable, caring and candid advice throughout the real estate process. It is “The Powers Experience” that has our clients returning to us again and again.

Our Story

Suzanne Powers established Suzanne Powers Realty Group, Inc. on September 29, 2011.

“In true start-up fashion, we opened Suzanne Powers Realty Group in my home, and gratefully started the company with 29 listings in Milwaukee's North Shore.” Our cozy beginnings included meeting with clients at the dining room table and conducting buyer presentations in the living room of Suzanne’s home.

“It was the beginning of our very personal journey with our clients and they LOVED it! We humanized the experience with our family and theirs.” Many of our clients miss coming to Suzanne’s house for late night offers and remember those days as the beginning of something special. Our clients built the company with us and never cared where the business was being done but that it was being done with great care. It would be another six months before Suzanne Powers Realty Group established the business in a rundown duplex on Oakland Avenue in Shorewood.

“I remember those early days with great sentimentality. So, I staged the office to match the cozy, comfortable feeling of home and brought the dining room table and living room to our office as the customers’ introductory experience with our company.” Cozy and comfortable, just like home.

Suzanne Powers’ vision, nine months of planning and numerous Shorewood Village meetings transformed the duplex on Oakland into a two-story commercial development for Shorewood. Each detail of the process required careful execution and patience. Picky about every detail, even the commercial sign took more than seven months of planning and design. Suzanne Powers Realty Group is the first two-story commercial building on the 4200 block of Oakland and proudly won Shorewood’s 2013 Façade Improvement Award for the village.

Suzanne Powers Realty Group is now entering its sixth year in business and represents one of the most dominant real estate teams in Wisconsin with 72% growth and nearly $172 million in sales for 2016. SPRG is on target for 100% growth heading into 2017, with the addition of the third location in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

The future is bright for Suzanne Powers Realty Group. Never quite comfortable with yesterday’s victory, the company's team of charismatic real estate experts is authentic and special, and the customer can feel that energy at every step of the home-buying or -selling process. We thank Southeast Wisconsin for a wonderful first five years and look forward to many more.

Mission Statement

We are a devoted team of professionals whose talents foster winning relationships with our customers by providing exemplary service through a systems-based business model that delivers consistent results and creates a richly unique real estate experience.

The "Powers Experience" strives for long-lasting relationships that have those we serve returning again and again.