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Milwaukee, WI

About the Community

Riverwest is an eclectic, residential neighborhood with a strong communal spirit located west of the Milwaukee River and east of Holton Street, situated south of Estabrook Park, between Milwaukee's East Side, Brewers' Hill, Williamsburg Heights, and Harambee neighborhoods. The main east-west arterial streets connect Riverwest to the East Side via bridges. The main north-south arterial streets connect Riverwest to the downtown area, the lower East Side (specifically Brady Street), and suburban Shorewood. You’ll find many unique cafes, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, music venues, a dance club, and shops throughout Riverwest.

Riverwest is attractive to home buyers due to its proximity to downtown and the university and its communal vibe. Riverwest, along with other housing and commercial developments, followed a long period of decline up through the 1990s. However, more recently, the trend in this neighborhood has been rising property values and an increase in owner-occupied housing. Riverwest still features more affordable rental opportunities among its bungalows, duplexes, and "Polish flats" (raised cottages) than is generally found closer to the university.

Riverwest has many nonprofit and volunteer-run organizations, such as its neighborhood association, a community newspaper and radio station, a grocery co-op, Woodland Pattern Book Center, The Public House (co-op bar), an investment co-op, and Milwaukee River Advocates Co-op.