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8.02 square miles
Suburb of
Washington County
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About the Community


As a community that describes itself as “all heart,” Hartford is a wonderful place full of people and business that care about their neighbors. This is proven by the abundance of community-planned activities like flag football, Wednesday night markets, and cookouts at some of the many, many parks Hartford has to offer. Sweeping waterfront views are no rare thing in Hartford either—the Rubicon River runs through the center of town and provides plenty of gorgeous views. Pike lake offers much of the same sparkling backdrop for a family picnic. To add to the fun, Hartford is less than an hour from Milwaukee, so if you want a little more big city fun for a weekend, take a day trip over to Milwaukee with no hassle!


For a small town with a small population, Hartford sure has a lot to offer to residents and visitors alike. With just under 20 parks, several bodies of water, lots of fun businesses, and delicious restaurants, Hartford offers whatever you might want.

In the summer, Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center will provide crazy amounts of fun for kids and adults alike! Several pools, fun pool blowups, and waterpark-like attractions will keep your family entertained for hours. For some more adult fun, the Washington County Golf Course has acres and acres of sprawling green for you to hit on. Hartford also offers two dog parks, so your pouch and your kids can play and run freely and safely. Independence Park offers 103 acres of hiking that guarantees a great day of enjoying nature. If indoor fun is more your thing, the Wisconsin Automotive Museum promises hours of awe for car lovers.

Of course, the favorite local restaurants don’t disappoint either; Mickey’s Fresh Frozen Custard is a favorite of kids and their parents for its delectable sundaes, burgers, and sandwiches. Perc Place, MJ Steven’s Pub and Restaurant, and Ibichan Hartford are all other restaurants that have stolen the hearts of Hartford residents. Just one taste of MJ Steven’s Pub and Restaurant’s prime rib will convince you to move to this wonderful town!

Median Household Income $55,169 National Average: $55,552
Households With Children 30.60 % National Average: 37%
Education Levels
Master's degree or Higher 5.80 %
Bachelors's degree 19.78 %
Some College or Associates Degree 34.95 %
High School Diploma 32.36 %
Less than High School Diploma 7.10 %

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