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36.46 square miles
Suburb of
Washington County
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About the Community


Known for being home to many picturesque lakes and fun local restaurants, Richfield is a bustling village in Washington County. The village, with an area of 36.46 square miles, has a population of around 11,300. Germantown borders Richfield to the east, while Jackson is its neighbor to the north. Proximity to Interstate 41 allows for easy travel to surrounding areas, including downtown Milwaukee, located only 30 minutes away.

The area that makes up Richfield was originally used by the Menomonee and Potawatomi Native Americans but transitioned into a township of German, Irish, and English people in the 1840s. The land was fertile and ideal for farming, thanks to the many streams and creeks found in the area. After two railroads were built nearby, the town became a vacation destination for many Wisconsinites in the summer months. Today, many residents of Richfield have management and sales occupations. The current median home value is around $197,000, according to Realtor.com.


There are endless outdoor recreation opportunities and family-friendly activities found in and around Richfield. Swimming, fishing, and boating can be done on any of the six lakes found in the village. The five-acre Bark Lake Park and the 14-acre Fireman’s Park are perfect for picnics and various sports. Youth baseball, softball, and soccer leagues are popular for children in Richfield. Families can enjoy mini golf at Logger’s Park and bowling at Pioneer Bowl. Arrowhead Springs Golf Course and Kettle Hills Golf Course are two 18-hole courses in the village that host tournaments and leagues and provide lessons. A farmers market, as well as apple, berry, and pumpkin picking, are found at Basse’s Taste of Country. From a supper club overlooking Holy Hill, to a favorite suburban restaurant with lake views, local eateries are abundant in Richfield.

Median Household Income $43,125 National Average: $55,552
Households With Children 8.80 % National Average: 37%
Education Levels
Master's degree or Higher 2.83 %
Bachelors's degree 12.26 %
Some College or Associates Degree 27.36 %
High School Diploma 47.17 %
Less than High School Diploma 10.38 %

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