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5 Summer Home Projects you should Never DIY

Wood Garage Doors

Summer is coming! This is the time to tackle all those outdoor projects to get your home ready for the 2018 Housing Market. Some projects are easy enough, like minor landscaping and painting the fence, but there a 5 major pain points that come up regularly in a buyer's home inspection that you should NEVER tackle yourself!

    1. Tuckpointing! If you own a brick home, tuckpointing is a major home inspection issue and should be handled by a professional mason. A good mason can take years to get on the books. I waited 18 months to have my home tuckpointed last year. The cost of tuckpointing can be very $$$. Make sure you get three quotes and that you have called the mason's references.

    2. Repairing or Replacing the Roof. Roofing is one of the biggest red flags in a buyer's home inspection. It is wise to get three evaluations of your roof, check the roofers references and drive around and look at examples of the roofer's work before contracting with them.

    3. Chimney Repair. The most expensive repair in the book. Most chimney quotes are given by chimney contractors and masons who benefit from their evaluation. Get SEVERAL quotes. Word to the wise. We have a lot of difficulty finding reputable chimney contractors to refer.

    4. Tree Trimming and Removal. Remove dead trees from your property. With large trees, make sure you grind the stumps and re-landscape the affected area.

    5. Replacing the Garage Door. Did you know the Garage Door is the one thing that buyers mention over and over again about a home's curb appeal? Consider replacement of your garage door this summer to enhance the curb appeal of your home for 2018 Spring Market. It is relatively inexpensive and can add up to a 150% rate of return on your home's value.

Thank you for following my home improvement Blog for the best Bang for your Buck in resale! I will keep the real stuff coming to help you achieve the best appreciation for your home!


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