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Changing Out the Hardware and Fixtures in your Home

If you have the old gold kitchen cabinet knobs from the early 90's and you are thinking of selling your home, this is one very inexpensive fix you need to consider changing before putting your home on the market. Gold or old outdated hardware can take thousands off your purchase price because it makes a home look very dated. Here are the hardware items and fixtures you need to consider replacing or refurbishing before going to market for the best result in the sale of your home:

1. Gold kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls are best replaced with brushed nickel or bronze pulls.

2. Painted over door hinges or gold hinges should be refurbished and replaced with bronze or silver hinges.

3. Gold door knobs and handles should be replaced with brushed nickel or bronze door handles.

4. Consider adding new exterior hardware to all doors and windows, especially if the pulls, handles and locks are gold, dated or, in many cases in the North Shore and Wauwatosa, don't work well in opening the front door.

5. Any gold or old light fixture should be replaced, especially in the dining room. 

6.Consider your outdoor light fixtures as well as interior. Make sure you remove ALL track lighting which can date a house significantly.

Start by making a strong list throughout your house. Replacing needed fixtures, appliances, and refurbishing hardware months in advance of going to market is important to your resale price.  These small details will insure the greatest return on the sale of your home. If you are unsure of what is considered "dated",  be sure to contact your REALTOR for a free consultation.

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