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Don't Move Into Your Home Before Doing These 3 Things

Nighttime View of Urban Home

Counseling Buyers on what to do and more importantly what NOT to do before they move into their home, is a big part of helping people increase their home's value! There are a few VERY important things buyers should do after they close on their property BUT before they Move In!

 1. Refinish all the hardwood floors throughout the home. This may seem logical, however, many buyers miss this important step. Trying to refinish floors after you move in is next to impossible, because the floors have to be clear of all items (you cannot refinish floors with furniture on them), and it is best to cure all the floors at the same time. The process of refinishing, staining and protecting takes more than a week in an empty house. If you skip this step and move in, be prepared:

  • The smell of the polyurethane is enough to knock you out. For people sensitive to smell...I would not recommend doing this after you move in.
  • If you do live through the process, you will have to do it in phases moving furniture from room to room.
  • The process will take more than a month and will double your cost.

 2.  Painting the interior rooms.  Painting the interior of your home should come before refinishing the floors!!! Many people do NOT know this. Any painter will tell you to paint first, refinish floors second, then come back for touch up! Doing this in the reverse will damage your newly refinished floors. It is also easier to spray woodwork before moving in.  It is important to do these two first improvements in this order.

3.  Installing recessed lighting in older homes. This is the single biggest improvement you can make to modernize your home without impacting the beauty of old world charm.  So many buyers do NOT do this. Absolutely put four-inch recessed lighting in that 1920's living room and do it while the painter is there painting your rooms. Recessed lighting is the cheapest home improvement you can do for the best gain in resale. You can easily install it into plaster ceilings without damaging the plaster and make the home's beauty shine.

Buyers lets Recap:  Before we move in we will paint the interior, add recessed lighting and refinish the floors!

  • Allow 2 Weeks for this process
  • Budget: approximately $7,000 for a 2000 square foot home
  • Call us if you need recommendations

Thank you for following my home improvement Blog for the best Bang for your Buck in resale! I will keep the real stuff coming to help you achieve the best appreciation for your home!

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