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Gray Hardwood Floors ~ The New Trend For Your Home

Gray-tone home interior

Gray is all the rage in design colors for selling your home for top price. A fresh open airy appearance will help your home sell faster and for more money. Gray walls and white trim is so popular now, but did you know the latest trend is to stain the floors a light gray?

Light gray floors are fairly easy to do and can be done with your original oak flooring found in older homes throughout Wauwatosa and the North Shore.

1. First, call in a hardwood floor refinisher to assess your homes' hardwood floors for an evaluation.

2. Inquire with the hardwood floor refinisher whether they have done any similar projects and ask to see samples of their work.

3. Once you establish a contractor and a grayish stain, remove all your items from your flooring to have the floors stripped and refinished.

4. The process takes about one week from beginning to end. Make sure they apply three layers of polyurethane to protect your newly designed floors.

5. Once completed and dried begin placing your furniture back into your home.

One word of caution: Make sure you PAINT FIRST then refinish your floors.  Do not do this step in reverse for the best results!

Thank you for following my home improvement blog for the best Bang for your Buck in resale! I will keep the real stuff coming to help you achieve the best appreciation for your home!

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