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Old House ~ Replacing Radiators with Forced Air

Radiator Removal - Milwaukee

I have successfully replaced radiator heat in 3 houses in Shorewood and Whitefish Bay. The Millennials seem to be very cautious about radiator heat in these beautiful old houses on Milwaukee's North Shore. If you are not a fan of hot water heat, and want to replace those radiators, this is the blog for you.

Many contractors are very skilled at doing this project in Milwaukee. The contractors I have used in the past and have recommended to buyers and sellers can be obtained with a call to my office. Here is how you replace those old radiators with forced air heating and cooling.

1. Once you have selected the contractor, the radiators and all the piping is removed from the basement along with the boiler.  

2. If the boiler was vented into a chimney and you plan to install a direct vent furnace, you may be able to use the chimney as a vent chase to the attic for the ducting for the second floor.

3. Once the removal of the furnace has taken place, the duct work will be installed in the basement between the joists and around the perimeter of the attic above the second floor.

4. After the ducting is installed, it is time to decide where the furnace(s) will go. In my first house I removed the chimney and used the chimney flu as the ducting chase for the basement furnace and was able to install just one furnace. Many people will need to install two furnaces. One in the basement and one in the attic. Why? Because you will need to supply heat to the first floor from the basement furnace and heat to the second floor with no chimney chase from the attic furnace.  Make sure your contractor installs a DRIP PAN for the second floor furnace!

5. Once the furnace (s) is installed and working it is time to select the grates for the flooring and ceiling. Your contractor will have a number choices for you. Select wood grates for wood flooring and white vent ducts for the ceiling.

6. Finally is will be time to refinish the floors and paint on the first floor. The removal of about 6 radiators and refinishing the floors where those radiators were, will run about $1800. 

7. The total cost? It is in the neighborhood of $18,000 for the entire scope of work depending on the size of your home.

Thank you for following my home improvement Blog for the best Bang for your Buck in resale! I will keep the real stuff coming to help you achieve the best appreciation for your home!


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