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“The Seven Second Rule” – Hot Real Estate Tips

The “Seven Second Rule” is Powers' Cardinal Rule for our sellers.  We have seven seconds once prospective buyers enter your home to make a great first impression.  Both our experience and a recent survey bears this out - the survey found that 47% of home buyers know whether they like a home or immediately upon stepping inside.

To assess your home, start by stepping through your front door. How does it feel? What does it look like? How does it smell? Like it or not, buyers are going to judge a book by its cover. 

When you’re selling your property, first impressions do matter and creating a bad one could hurt the perceived value of your home, decreasing buyer interest. Luckily, we have a few minor enhancements could make all the difference and win your buyer over in the first seven seconds.

1. Neutral Paint Colors – Can the buyer see one seamless color when they enter the front door of your home, or are there three or more bold paint colors? If there are more than two paint colors, it is time to rethink your wall color before you list your home. For the hottest paint colors for 2020 and 2021, see my recent post.

2. Cleanliness - Neat, clean and tidy wins every time.  This is now more important than ever before.  Countertops, floors and everything in between should be squeaky clean. Make sure the dog and cat hair is gone and the cat's litter box is out of sight for every showing.

3. Smell - Did you cook fish or saute onions the night before? Neutralize the home’s aroma. Take out the garbage.  Make sure your dehumidifier is running in the basement. Never use artificial fragrance, and spot clean before every showing.

4. Declutter – The foyer should be free of keys, packages, and mail. Make sure the home presents as close to model perfection as possible.

5. Inviting Exterior – Add seasonal plantings and a new, clean front door mat to welcome guest as they arrive.

6. Remove Outdated Fixtures – Updating both exterior front door lights and interior foyer ceiling fixtures will enhance the buyer’s first seven seconds. Take a trip to BBC Lighting https://www.shopbbclighting.com/ and check out the latest designs to wow prospective buyers immediately.

7. Immaculate Front Door with Matching Hardware – Optimizing the appeal of your front door (clean it, fresh paint, hardware) is one of the single best things you can do to enhance curb appeal. Check out this blog post for more info:  https://www.homelight.com/blog/front-door-curb-appeal/

Most of our recommendations as expert listing agents start with the Seven Second Rule. And we consider the time you spend to get your home ready for sale some of the most valuable time you can spend in helping achieve your home sale goals. Powers provides concierge services to our clients to help them through this process, as we are here as your trusted resource to help you win the buyer over in the first seven seconds.

Powers Realty Group is a distinctive boutique real estate broker focused on the needs of customers delivering exceptional results. We are the trusted local experts. Call us today about buying or selling your home.

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