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What Sets Me Apart

  • Enthusiasm- Optimistic, upbeat, passionate professional inspired by opportunity.
  • Action- Decisive, innovative, efficient strategist motivated by challenge.
  • Results- Ambitious, innovative, bold achiever focused on success.

Why Get Connected? 

Selling and buying homes are some of life’s major transactions. I understand that many clients are not connected to the best people to make the right decisions for themselves and their homes.  

I joined Suzanne Powers Realty Group because through my work as the Business Engagement Specialist with Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity (MHFH) I grew to admire and respect the manner in which Suzanne and her team conducted business. My job as Business Engagement Specialist is to identify, build, and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with people and organizations that will donate product and items to support the mission. Suzanne Powers Realty Group has been a tremendous supporter of that effort. 

I witnessed firsthand the care and effort Suzanne’s team put into taking care of clients. I share the same ethic that business is more about people and relationships than money alone. One transaction is a single moment in time. A client who has a fulfilling experience is for life. When the time came to reactivate my real estate broker license there was only one place I would consider. I am fortunate to be accepted as part of this team and to be coached by such a strong mentor.  

I have always approached work through seeing myself as a connector. I love introducing people that should know each other. To be able to help a person by getting them connected to the right people is one of the most fulfilling acts I can experience in life. 

I believe more of this needs to happen in real estate. I look forward to bringing people to Suzanne Powers Realty Group. If you are looking to get connected to the best in the business, please reach out to me. 

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