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June 18, 2019 | Suzanne Powers

A Winning Scent for Successful Home Selling

Does the smell of your home make a difference when you are selling? Ditch the Glad Plug-ins and see how Suzanne Powers sets the mood for winning offers every time with the best fresh scents for selling your Milwaukee Home.
A Winning Scent for Successful Home Selling

A Winning Scent for Successful Home Selling

Home Staging is one of the most important aspects of my business. Buyers today have high expectations on what their initial visits to a property should look like, and so we spend countless hours consulting and prepping every property we sell.  Many of our clients love our tricks of the trade so we share all we can to help Milwaukee homeowners in the sale of their properties through our blogs and consultations.

Recently we had the pleasure of selling a gorgeous home on Milwaukee’s East Side for a couple who’s home personified every buyer’s dream. Featured in Milwaukee Magazine, this homeowner had style and grace beyond our staging capabilities and she taught me the power of smell. We had overlooked this detail in our staging portfolio until my extraordinary seller expanded my thoughts on staging to include the power of aroma.

Her home was a sensory experience beyond the normal property for sale. The home felt warm, stylish and comfortable when you stepped through the foyer. The smell of fresh clean linen was all the buyers and agents could talk about. Subtle, not overpowering, just clean, like a breath of fresh air. So many buyers and agents commented on the smell of the house that it motivated me to author this blog post dedicated to the sensory experience of my seller’s home. Everyone who visited her home wanted to know my seller’s secret. How did she get that smell? The reaction of the buyers was more impactful with the aroma of the home than with the decorating, and I realized right at that moment, that as much as cleaning, decorating, and de-cluttering are necessary staging preparations for selling your home, the power of scent should also be of thoughtful consideration. The buyer’s reaction was undeniable, I truly believe my seller’s quick sale was impacted by the overall sensory experience buyers had in their home. So much so, I asked my seller to share her secrets with all of you.

Her winning home aroma is the magical scent of specialty candles. The candle she used to help create a clean warm atmosphere in her home can be found at the Home Market in the Third Ward on Water Street. The candle was burned before each showing and is made by Voyage et Cie which is a small candle company out of California. She also burned Lafco candles in the scent "Feu de Bois" for the second floor. These fragrances are not overpowering and create a wonderful fresh clean experience for showing your home. Candles left burning during showings can be a safety hazard so she would burn them for an hour before the showing and then blow them out just before the guests arrived.

Aromatherapy for your home’s selling success? Yes. It is now a regular part of our staging protocol to address a home’s atmosphere. If your home is not selling, it may be in the aroma. Consider a strategy to create the best sensory experience for the buyer before going to market to sell your home. People remember how they feel more than what they see, and what sells your home quickly is your buyer’s overall experience, make an impact with the smell.

This blog post is dedicated to sellers Luke and Amalia Todryk, thank you for your contribution to Powers Realty Group’s June Newsletter and sharing with Milwaukee. ~ Suzanne Powers

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