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March 04, 2017 | Suzanne Powers

Million Dollar Listing ~ Milwaukee Style

Is local real estate just like the tv shows on HGTV and Bravo. I would like to say no but the truth is, it is a lot like those shows.
Million Dollar Listing ~ Milwaukee Style

Million Dollar Listing ~ Milwaukee Style

It's glamorous being a real estate agent....well actually more real than Glamorous.  You get to play Josh Flagg or Josh Altman every day; it is reality TV with high drama and real rivalries. 

I have a client Aspen who cracked me up saying "it's the Powers Reality Show" when I was selling her home...she just could not believe the roller coaster of emotions that came with buying and selling a home.  It is for real. Every deal is filled with high emotion, even from the least emotional clients. Why? Because it is THEIR money and it is a lot of money. They are counting on you to close the deal and supply the journey. It doesn't get more REAL than that.

Passionate about starting a career here? It is a fabulous career for good salespeople who want out of corporate America and want freedom and independence in their financial life. The work hours are flexible, the pay can be really good if you work hard, the overnight travel is minimal, and the clients are plentiful.  It is a ton fun when you are winning. Do yourself a favor and pick a fun environment where the agents are winning! ( Powers Realty of Course).

In the series, Million Dollar Listing, Josh Flagg, and Josh Altman's rivalry make for great TV ~ that kind of rivalry is for real played out every day in Milwaukee.  In the reality series, they do a good job of making light of how competitive the market is for Realtors@.  Don't kid yourself about is very competitive and getting more competitive. This is a tough business to carve a life out for yourself and today you will need someone who is actually selling in the field to show you how to do it well.

The hours can be demanding.  It is necessary to work nights and weekends. All Realtors@ and their teams work nights and weekends. Last night I put a million dollar deal was Saturday night at 8:30 pm. This morning my phone started buzzing at 6 am...making it almost impossible for me to write this blog. I get is Sunday morning and they need me.  I am here. Most weekends play out this weekend plans are busted because of the demands of my job. I knew that going in and I accepted the sacrifices I would need to make to play out my own reality series here in Milwaukee. When Heather gets mad at Josh because he has to go see a client...that is for sure REAL.  You will need to do the same if you want to be the next great thing in Milwaukee Real Estate! Prepare your spouse and family for this reality ~ few people understand.

The upside of Million Dollar Listing Milwaukee? Before I was a real estate broker, I was a medical device manager working for one of America's best companies. I had an amazing six-figure salary, company car, oodles of frequent flyer points, traveled all the time and yet I would choose my Real Estate career again and again over my former life. I love my job, and I could not say that about corporate America. I am fiercely independent and a driver. This is a much better fit for my personality. Does that sound like you?

I am always available to sit down and chat about Million Dollar Listing Milwaukee Style. Want to explore your options in real estate? Come see me...I can help and together we will let the fun begin!

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