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August 25, 2021 | Suzanne Powers

Thinking of Selling? Here is what you need to know NOW!

Is it a seller’s market? It is if your home is in top notch condition and you have performed a pre-listing inspection.
Thinking of Selling? Here is what you need to know NOW!

Thinking of Selling? Here is what you need to know NOW!

It’s only September so why should you start thinking about the spring market of 2022? You might be surprised, but that “HOT” spring market starts in December of any given year in Milwaukee. If you’re considering selling your home this spring, it’s time to get ready for the selling season now! Miss that window between January and April and you have missed the “hottest selling season” in Milwaukee.

Contractors and supplies are harder than ever to get, so giving yourself a long lead time is imperative to your selling success. In a “HOT” Market do you still need to go all out on repairs, painting and staging? Yes! Buyers are more reluctant than ever to pay top dollar for a home that is not “move in ready”. To compete for those ideal selling prices, your home needs to be in top notch condition so consulting with an agent early in the process is critical. We began in August this year preparing our new listings for 2022.

Remember Milwaukee’s spring housing market begins January 1, and in recent years has begun as early as December 1st with the pandemic - generally the coldest, dreariest months of the year. I am meeting with sellers NOW for 2022.

What is the first thing a homeowner should do to prepare?

A. Take exterior photos NOW!

    I cannot emphasize this enough. Taking photos with green grass, beautifully colored leaves and seasonal plantings will make your exterior photos stand out amid the numerous photos of homes covered in snow on every residential real estate site. Those beautiful green photos will attract more buyers and show your home’s beauty and yard size in its best light. So, take both your aerial videos and exterior photos now.

    • Twilight Exteriors
    • HD Exteriors
    • Aerial Drone Video of your entire property
    • Aerial Still Photos

    B. Develop your list of improvements.

      This takes longer than you think. To earn top dollar for your home, buyers want to know everything you have done to improve the home since you’ve owned the property, right down to the latest interior room you have painted. Ensure the list is thorough and include the date the improvement was completed. Provide lien waivers and receipts for every major repair you have completed, including windows, gutters, chimney, drain tile work, plumbing, electricity, roofing, etc. and attach this to the list of improvements. You may have to contact the company who did the work to get a receipt so start this now. I frequently ask my sellers to create a whole house book which includes the detailed list of improvements along with before and after photos, if they have them.

      C. Do a Pre-listing Inspection! Approximately 20% of all accepted offers fall apart on Home Inspection Issues!

        Schedule your home for a pre-market whole house inspection. Take the next couple of months to make the suggested repairs so when your buyer performs their home inspection things go smoothly and you don’t encounter inspection surprises you did not anticipate. An ounce of prevention goes a long way toward a smooth transaction. Schedule HVAC servicing and cleaning and chimney cleaning. These items are always evaluated during the home inspection, and if you do it now, you will have the paperwork to provide to the buyer which documents that this task has been recently completed.

        D. Complete all handyman items, install new carpeting and touch-up interior paint.

          Your house must look fresh and be ready to go. Call the handyman now. Contractors are hard to get and even harder to book once the holidays are upon us. Call them today to schedule your projects before the beginning of the year. Paint all the white woodwork dings. If you have carpet, choose new carpeting for the bedrooms and family room spaces. The carpet must be fresh and free from stains, so save the carpet installation for the last home improvement you complete—one week prior to going live on the market. Other items that may need attention now before the snow flies:

          • Empty Garage
          • Clean the Gutters
          • Donate Furniture Items
          • Schedule Junk Removal
          • Clear the basement of clutter
          • Paint the Basement floor
          • Wash and Clean Everything! Buyers are extremely sensitive to cleanliness

          E. If you are selling a vacant home this spring (January 1), winterize your property

            Cold weather can damage a vacant home that is not properly heated and winterized. We suggest every seller winterize vacant homes in the cold-weather months. Winterizing includes water cut-off outside the house, excluding properties where water is required for heat, and emptying all containers, bowls and traps. Internal heat should be maintained between 55 and 65 for any vacant home.

            We are in a sellers market! It will be another fabulous year in 2022 to sell your home! Want top dollar? Call us for the latest handyman help and painters. We consult with sellers on a regular basis and would be happy to provide contractors, painters and carpet installers for your home preparation. You can reach me directly at 414-870-7175. Happy Selling and let’s go!!!!

            Experience a seamless home selling and buying process with Powers Realty, Milwaukee’s trusted local experts for over 2 decades. Our tailored approach ensures optimal results. Contact me today to discuss your home needs.

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