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January 08, 2019 | Suzanne Powers

Wauwatosa’s Top 6 Neighborhoods

Wauwatosa is fast becoming one of the very top places to live in the Milwaukee Metro Area.

Wauwatosa’s Top 6 Neighborhoods

Wauwatosa is fast becoming one of the very top places to live in the Milwaukee Metro Area. The redevelopment of the Village of Tosa with its trendy restaurants, fabulous bike path, and cool stores is undeniably one of the most developed villages within a 10-minute drive to downtown Milwaukee, and that makes the real estate values here sizzle.

If you're looking for real estate close to downtown, Wauwatosa is a fabulous community to call home. Some of our favorite neighborhoods in "Tosa" are rich in history, going back to an era of industrial prosperity for Milwaukee. Many of these favorite neighborhoods have a charm of a bygone era and feature great architecture from the 1920s. 


The Washington Highlands neighborhood of Wauwatosa, known for its tree-lined streets and rich history, was designed by famous German city planner Dr. Werner Hegemann in 1916. Its curving streets were designed to help preserve the natural features of its 133 acres. The neighborhood spans from N. 68th Street to N. 60th Street, between West Lloyd Street and Milwaukee Avenue. Washington Highlands boasts beautiful parks, a variety of housing options, and quiet roads, which are perfect for raising a family.

The Washington Highlands Neighborhood Association drives a feeling of community through local events and other initiatives. This neighborhood is known to be one of the most desirable residential areas in Wisconsin.

To see homes for sale in or near the Washington Highlands neighborhood in Wauwatosa, visit this page on our site.


The Pasadena neighborhood is located between North Ave and Center Street and then Swan Boulevard on the west and Wauwatosa Avenue/76th Street on the east. The neighborhood is known for its quiet streets and proximity to shops and restaurants. One of the best parts about living in the Pasadena neighborhood is the streetlamp-lit sidewalks connecting not only blocks in this neighborhood but also connecting it to the surrounding neighborhoods. It is an easy stroll to Sendik’s for groceries or to Colectivo for morning coffee.

This is a chic neighborhood where you can walk out your front door and easily grab dinner and/or drinks. Walkability makes this neighborhood a very desirable place to live in Wauwatosa.

To see homes for sale in or near the Pasadena neighborhood in Wauwatosa visit this page on our site.


Fabulous Tosa East Towne is an active, family-friendly section of Tosa filled with wonderful homes (from Tudors to bungalows to Colonials) just steps away from fantastic schools, unique shops, hip eateries, and beautiful parks. This neighborhood runs from 76th Street east to 60th and has eclectic shops, bars, and theatres. Try my favorite Italian restaurant IL MITO on North Avenue and 69th Street for some of the most fabulous dining Tosa has to offer. Don’t miss Ono Kine Grindz for authentic Hawaiian food. It’s super small, so consider carryout (and get the combo platter if you haven’t visited before). North Avenue Grill is also a great choice for delicious casual dining— expect a wait for weekend brunch, and if you have a taste for donuts, a thumbs up to Cranky Al’s. And let’s not forget Rocket Baby Bakery. 

Basically, if casual dining within walking distance is your thing, this is the neighborhood to covet.  Housing here is affordable, if you can get it. Homes in Tosa East Towne usually sell with multiple offers in just days because of the affordability index. You get a fabulous walkable location, sidewalks, streetlamps, and a lively community, thanks to a well-run neighborhood association that organizes runs, a block party, holiday events for kids, and more.

To see homes for sale in or near the Tosa East Towne neighborhood in Wauwatosa visit this page.


In southeast Tosa from 68th to 76th Street south of Wisconsin Avenue and north of Bluemound, the Wellauer Park neighborhood oozes charm and history. Best known for its walkability to downtown Wauwatosa and the local bikes paths, this neighborhood is highly sought after and is part of the Wauwatosa East High School District.

Wellauer Park is just blocks from cute shops in the Charles Jacobus Park neighborhood, including one of the most popular coffee shops, Colectivo, some of the best pizza in the Milwaukee area at Balistreri’s, and a nationally recognized bakery that makes fantastic desserts and the best cheesecake around: Simma’s. From a home in this neighborhood, it’s a short stroll to lively Hoyt Park and a few blocks to the Menomonee River Parkway Bicycle Path. The homes in Wellauer Park have larger yards than those in some of Tosa’s other neighborhoods, and the housing stock offers a variety of architectural styles, from the hip mid-century modern homes to the more traditional colonials.

To see homes for sale in or near the Wellauer Park neighborhood in Wauwatosa, visit this page.


Some of the most spacious and grandest homes of Wauwatosa can be found in Jennings Park.  Immediately west of the Wellauer Park neighborhood beginning at 76th Street with a western border of Honey Creek Parkway (Bluemound is the south border, and Wilson Ave is the north), Jennings Park was developed in 1924 by David Jennings and his wife. The homes in this historic neighborhood are bursting with charm, in addition to space. Often sold by word of mouth, many of these homes never hit the market. You will find the largest yards in Tosa here, all within just a short distance to the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Village of Wauwatosa’s downtown area.

Jennings Park is a close-knit community. Many of the homes are located along the meandering Honey Creek Parkway across from the popular Honey Creek Bike Path and the river. The neighborhood is well known for its very lively block parties and antics...the neighbors here are like family. To see homes for sale in or near the Jennings Park neighborhood in Wauwatosa, visit this page on our site.


Wauwatosa's redevelopment of the Tosa Village deserves significant recognition. I am proud to say Powers Realty Group's Wauwatosa office is part of the transformation of the village to a vibrant, upscale city center. The picturesque beauty of this neighborhood is hard to capture in a blog post. From the bricked pathways on the rolling blocks to the meeting of historic charm with modern amenities to upscale, charming storefronts, it is the most romantic place I could ever imagine opening a business and absolutely the stuff dreams are made of.

The popular Tosa Bike Path resides below my office window, and I can hear the flow of the river just beyond the railroad tracks on most mornings when I am in our Tosa office. The Saturday farmers market is packed with both vendors and people on Harwood. It’s a major attraction on the weekends for the Tosa Village. Our office resides across from the farmers market, on the train tracks separating Harwood, and across the beautiful Harwood Walking Bridge. It is a short walk across the bridge to the heart of the village. I am told our building was the original train depot. I pinch myself with the amazing location of Powers Realty Group's Wauwatosa building.

I love walking through the village. All the restaurants have al fresco dining—my favorite—and most of the businesses here are owned by small-business owners like myself. It is a local experience like no other in the Milwaukee Metro Area. If you are moving to Milwaukee, put a visit to Tosa Village on your list! 

To see homes for sale in or near the Tosa Village neighborhood in Wauwatosa visit this page on our site.

The city of Wauwatosa is filled with quaint pockets of walkability and historic homes. All of these neighborhoods have a strong sense of community and affordability in comparison with many cities throughout the country. I think that is the biggest attraction to Milwaukee, in general. Our sense of community and the people who live here...we are a bit hometown, a little hick...and the affordability of housing in many neighborhoods compared with other cities of our size makes Milwaukee cool, friendly, and comfortable.

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