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10 Reasons why a Boutique Broker is so Cool!

Shorewood Office Exterior

So, you are thinking of making a change in your career from BIG Brokerage to a smaller more intimate company. There are a lot of reasons to consider this long term.

At Powers Realty Group, we pride ourselves on a strong track record of increasing agent's sales volume. Whether you are a veteran or a new agent our six years of proven results for agent's transitioning to our boutique broker is consistent and impressive. Our results are second to no other broker in Milwaukee. Our commission plan is the best in the business and our training is about the whole person.

  1. Our goal is great service not great volume.
  2. You get direct access to the boss any time.
  3. Implementing new systems, designs, and marketing is swift because you are not going through layers of managers and personnel to get to the decision maker.
  4. Smaller environments help create a collaborative atmosphere.
  5. There is little to no competition within the office. We have fun!
  6. Idea sharing is common for the common good.
  7. Agent's customers can reach the owner directly any time with questions or concerns.
  8. Flexibility in deal making is common. The goal is to win every deal for all parties.
  9. We are selective and can choose like minded agents to create an unbelievable company culture.
  10. The customers get a high touch, high service experience they Love.

We stick to our core values, so we will interview you carefully. Come prepared and let us know how you are making the world a better place. We are a caring company of givers and it will be important that you are a giver too! We look forward to hearing from you!

Suzanne Powers - Owner of Powers Realty Group, Inc.

Powers Realty Group is a distinctive boutique real estate broker focused on the needs of customers delivering exceptional results. We are the trusted local experts. Call us today about buying or selling your home.

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