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A Compassionate Move to Long Term Care

Suzanne Powers, the driving force behind Milwaukee's Powers Realty Group, is more than a real estate professional; she is a dedicated specialist in helping the elderly navigate the challenging journey of selling their homes and transitioning to long-term care communities. Her team at Powers Realty Group takes a personalized, concierge approach to make this process smoother, more comfortable, and less stressful for elderly clients.

Understanding the Needs of Elderly Clients:

Suzanne Powers recognizes the unique needs of elderly clients, who often face a significant life transition when deciding to sell their family homes and move into long-term care communities. With compassion and empathy, Suzanne and her team understand the emotional complexities that come with such a decision and provide tailored solutions.

Comprehensive Consultation and Planning:

At Powers Realty Group, the first step in assisting elderly clients is to sit down and have a comprehensive consultation. Suzanne and her team work closely with the client and their families to understand their specific circumstances, preferences, and needs. By doing so, they can create a personalized plan that addresses the challenges of transitioning while preserving the dignity and comfort of the client.

Preparing the Home for Sale:

One of the crucial steps in this process is preparing the client's home for sale. Suzanne and her team recognize that many elderly clients have lived in their homes for decades, filled with cherished memories and possessions. They assist in decluttering, staging, and preparing the property for sale, ensuring it appeals to potential buyers.

Concierge Services:

Powers Realty Group provides a range of concierge services to make the transition as smooth as possible. These services include coordinating estate sales, arranging for moving companies, and assisting in finding suitable independent living or long-term care communities. The team's extensive network of trusted professionals ensures that clients receive the best support and care throughout the transition.

Continued Support:

The support provided by Suzanne Powers and her team doesn't end with the sale of the property. They maintain close contact with their clients, ensuring they are comfortable and adjusting well to their new living arrangements. Suzanne believes in building lasting relationships with her clients and their families.


Suzanne Powers and her team at Powers Realty Group are more than real estate specialists; they are compassionate advocates for elderly clients facing the challenging transition from their family homes to long-term care communities. With a personalized approach, comprehensive planning, and an extensive network of professionals, they make this transition as smooth and stress-free as possible. By providing not just real estate services but also essential support in legal, financial, and emotional aspects, they are true partners in this important journey of life. If you or your elderly loved ones are facing this transition, consider reaching out to Suzanne Powers and her team for the caring and expert assistance you need.

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