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A Home for Everyone

A Home for Everyone!

Habitat for Humanity’s RESTORE is an essential part of the Milwaukee community and has been an integral part of my business since 2014.

Did you know…

  • 1 out of 3 Families in Milwaukee cannot afford the average 2 bedroom apartment
  • Safe and affordable housing has a ripple effect in our community
  • Children in Habitat Homes have an 87% graduation rate
  • Habitat’s Development in Milwaukee’s Washington Park saw a 46% decrease in crime
  • 80% of Habitat Families still live in their home 30 years later
  • Foreclosure Rate is less than 1% on Habitat homes

Suzanne Powers Promise:

In 2020, I am stepping up my commitment by pledging $100 in donated funds from every closed transaction to Habitat for Humanity’s Midtown 100 initiative. https://milwaukeehabitat.org/midtown100/ My goal for 2020 should provide about $12,000 in cash from closings and another $30,000 in RESTORE donations from our clients to Habitat for Humanity.

Many of my clients already know we consistently use RESTORE weekly to help clear out many of our listed homes and help prepare them for sale.

Habitat for Humanity’s RESTORE Team of helpers offers my clients a hassle-free way to rid their homes of unwanted furniture, tools, and accessories. My partnership with RESTORE in 2019 produced over $25,000 in sales at Habitat’s RESTORE locations throughout Milwaukee.  The sale of my seller’s donated furniture and accessories were then used to help put families into Habitat Homes in Milwaukee’s Midtown and connect Milwaukee from Mequon to Midtown.

It‘s a good thing Milwaukee. Recently, a very expensive Century Dining table from Mequon found its way to the RESTORE shop and someone in a local Milwaukee Neighborhood bought that beautiful set from RESTORE for their home. That Mequon Family provided the RESTORE funds through their donation to house a midtown family. It feels like the way real estate should be. My Mequon seller was able to use the donation as a write off and we facilitated the removal of the furniture free of charge. Here’s what I know, the whole process is bigger than me. I am reaching a level of combined service efforts that makes a profound difference in someone else’s life, helping others help others and a bit of me and you find our way to Midtown.

For me, it is much more than just about selling your home, or us providing the funds together to build houses. We together are building communities.

Habitat’s impact on Milwaukee children and education is profound. To be a part of this with you, fills the space between my career as a broker, love of a mother and small business owner. I am so grateful to Milwaukee that this is my path. The right path. How it needs to be. Customers may find it surprising that we will be working together to make a big difference in Milwaukee when they call me. They may not even think about this when we pick up the donations, but when we do, they just changed a child’s life.  It is a God moment.

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