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Advantages of a Pre-Listing Inspection

Advantages of a Pre-Listing Inspection

Pre-listing inspections are a good idea for any home owner who is considering selling their home.  The cost is do a pre listing inspection is usually under $600.00 in the Milwaukee Metro Area depending on the size of your home. Why would you consider doing this before listing your home?

Home Inspections are the “Out” in your deal for the buyer. The number of buyers walking on inspection issues has increased and even the smallest details can impact your sale, so leaving your home’s equity in the hands of the buyer is an option you should carefully consider upfront before you list your home for sale.

Here are the 7 Top Reasons why Sellers should Inspect their home before they list:

  1. You now know the issues with your home and can make repairs before you list your home.
  2. There is transparency in the sale of your home with your buyer.
  3. You can more accurately fill out the property condition report which must accompany any offer.
  4. You maintain a level of control over the inspection process. A rouge inspector’s report will have less impact if you can provide a pre-listing inspection report to refute any possible new item the buyer’s inspector brings up as a possible defect.
  5. It can reduce liability. If the home is fully inspected and there is a problem after the sale, the likelihood of being pursued for damages may be substantially reduced.
  6. Defects become less of a stumbling block in your negotiations with your buyer, because your report is now part of the acknowledged documents provided to the buyer prior to the buyer writing an offer.
  7. Peace of mind with fewer surprises reduces stress during the process of selling your home.

Pre-listing Inspections are a common suggestion of Powers Realty Group. If you are a seller and you are considering selling your home and need a referral for a home inspector, please feel free to contact me Suzanne Powers at 414-870-7175.

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