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How to Select a Good Realtor

"What is the best way to select Realtor?"

I recently tried to help my brother and sister in-law find a referring real estate agent in Pittsburg. I thought, oh this will be easy. I was so surprised at how difficult the process was and how many hours I spent trying to find an agent that specialized in the area they had targeted and agent that specialized in their price point. After going through this process, I thought wow, my customers must go through the same complex process trying to find an agent. My experience of interviewing agents over the phone was a disappointment and the Realtors, unfortunately, were not very forthcoming about their PLAN for my family.

So, how do you and I find and pick the best Realtor? Powers Realty does a fair amount of referral business outside of Wisconsin. This process surprised me on how difficult it is was to find a good Realtor, so I thought I would compose a blog to help you and me through the process for the next time we need a realtor.

What are the tell tale signs that we should be looking for before we sign a binding contract? Here are some guidelines to help you.

1. Select an agent who sells property in your price point and has a good local following. You can find them by observing the amount of signs you see in any given location. If a certain Realtor's name keeps coming up again and again on the yard signs, there is a reason for that, call them. The names that keep coming up on Trulia and Zillow are paid ads by Realtors and not necessarily the agents you should select.

2. Does your Realtor have a plan? This might sound like it is very simple, and it is, but it is the MOST important question to ask. This is much more important than how much the commission is? Focus on the process. I now train and coach Realtors and I can honestly tell you most Realtors have a business plan for their business, but do not have a plan for selling your house or finding you your dream home. Ask, what is the plan? They should have a plan for both you and their business.

3. How often will they call you? This should be answered with certainty. Once a week is standard in our office. We have a system and work on habits to help Realtors stay focused on their business and the job of selling your home. How many calls do you make a day? How many a week? Your agent should be in the flow with you and call you once a week as part of their systems.

4. What is their process? Each agent should have a process for helping buyers and sellers. What systems and habits ( my favorite words) have they developed to stay focused on the sale of your home? These habits are the difference between great agents and everyone else. Selling Real Estate is ALL systems and time management. Pick an agent who has systems down!

5. Finally, select an agent who closely matches your values. The process will be much better when you choose someone who "gets you" and your family...and yes ask about the company's mission statement and core values. Is it based on service? Is the emphasis on the customer or the agents? Make sure the emphasis is on the customer.

I hope this helps you in your quest. You can always call me to chat and I will assist you in the process.

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