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Navigating the Emotional Journey of Transitioning Elderly Loved Ones to Independent Living

This heartfelt blog post shares a deeply personal story of Suzanne Powers, a Milwaukee luxury real estate professional, and her journey in transitioning her mother from her Arkansas home to an independent living facility. Suzanne's experience highlights the emotional complexities that come with this transition and the importance of preparation and support for elderly clients and their families.

The Emotional Journey:

Over the two past decades, Suzanne has witnessed a growing need for her established Concierge Services she offers for her elderly clients considering a move to long-term care. This transition often spans a 2 to 6 year deeply emotional process, as it signifies parting ways with a life well-loved and stepping into the unknown.

Suzanne's Own Experience:

Suzanne, like many children of elderly parents, wanted her vibrant 90-year-old mother to be closer in 2022. Her mother was in good health, but circumstances were changing. A day's travel to visit her was becoming increasingly challenging, and her isolation was affecting her memory and speech.

The Turning Point:

Suzanne's first attempt to move her mother to Milwaukee in the summer of 2022 met with resistance. Her mother, like many seniors, was determined to retain her independence. In response, Suzanne took a crucial step by involving an attorney to establish a living will. This decision to become power of attorney for her mother's estate and medical decisions would prove essential.

Unexpected Turns:

As plans were set for her mother to move in the summer of 2023, a tragic car accident changed everything. Suzanne's mother was severely injured, and the absence of a living will and power of attorney would have left her powerless to make critical decisions.

Elder Abuse:

The story takes a sinister turn as Suzanne reveals her discoveries of elder abuse. Attempts to claim her mother's car, theft of her wallet and ID by hospital staff, and a neighbor trying to buy her home for well below market value emphasized the vulnerability of elderly individuals. Suzanne knew she needed to do more to protect her elderly clients.

Support and Recovery:

After bringing her mother back to Milwaukee, Suzanne's family ensured she received the care she needed. This experience underscored the importance of preparing for life's uncertainties as we age.

Preparing for the Unknown:

Suzanne offers a seven-step plan for readers with elderly loved ones:

1. Establish a comprehensive Living Will, granting durable and medical power of attorney.

2. Place the primary residence into a trust and establish an estate plan.

3. Ensure a trusted individual is a co-signer on all financial accounts.

4. Monitor credit jointly with your children.

5. Develop a contingency plan in case of an accident.

6. Declutter the home of unused items.

7. Explore options for independent living facilities and build a supportive community.


Suzanne's heartfelt journey with her mother serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of preparing for aging and embracing transitions with care and support. By taking these proactive steps, we can empower ourselves and our elderly loved ones to navigate the challenges of aging with confidence and dignity.

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