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Powers Cool Office Culture


The world of real estate is very confusing for those who aren't in it, all day every day. Many people don't understand the reason why some agents move brokerages, why some agents chose to be at a certain brokerage, etc.

Let me answer as best as I can...

In order to be able to practice real estate (aka Sell Houses) an agent needs to park their license with a brokerage.

All of us agents are independent contractors. Think of us like a sports team. We all have our positions (aka specialties/markets). Our broker is our team captain...she is on the field with us. While we have our captain/leader...we also have all our teammates to rely on.
The brokerage provides services to the agent like...support staff, an email address, forms to write offers, marketing materials, office meetings, etc.

But there is one HUGE, MASSIVE thing missing from that list...and that answer is Office Culture.

This is where the boutique firm shines. We are not just an office, we are family. We share ideas. We are able to bring ideas to our "team captain" and they can be executed swiftly.
One of my favorite things to do is "talk shop" about this industry. You see, selling homes is so much more than pretty houses & liking to work with people. Selling homes is problem solving, its strategy, it's a puzzle with an ever-changing answer.

Inside our little beehive of an office, we are constantly chit-chatting. Or tomorrow for instance, an impromptu group session with Suzanne to hone our skills. I've been selling real estate for 13 years, last year I sold $22 million in homes...I will never stop learning about this business. I happen to have time tomorrow to go and listen to what our team captain has to say, I will continue to grow.

As for all the independent contractors at the office, we have become family. We are a woven web of trust and support for one another. We are each others cheerleaders. We celebrate each others success; and just like siblings, we are always competing with one another (in a healthy way).

The family dynamic is very important at a small (but mighty) brokerage like ours. Hard work, humility, steadfastness & integrity are celebrated inside our walls. These walls are also filled with industry secrets of success which belong only to us.

So if you decide you are looking for one of the best, well...I can say you'll find the right match in our brokerage. And remember, as independent contractors we do all work as our own business. So once you Find an Agent make sure to reach out directly to them.
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