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The Dress Code 7 Second Rule - What You Wear Matters

Casual Work Wear has become very commonplace throughout all of our working environments. It has become quite acceptable, but is it acceptable for an interview?

Trust is established during first impressions. Much like being on time, your non-verbal communication says to other people, I care about you and I care about myself. If you dress in a suit it says to the interviewer: I dressed well for you, I want to make an impression on you, and your business is important to me. Dress too casually and your non-verbal communication might say, I don’t care that much about you. Appearance, whether you like it or not, matters in your success.


I live and work in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I grew up in a small blue-collar town where we dressed on Sunday for Church, and birthdays were special occasions.  Dressing to impress was the norm and not the exception. Running your business like a business means you should establish a professional dress code for yourself and your team.

Here’s a Tip:  When it comes to your customer’s biggest financial asset; their home, their family, their lifestyle, you would be wise to err on the side of caution and dress conservatively and professionally.  No one will diminish you for dressing too well, only too casually and they may decide to pass on you based on your appearance.

If you are interviewing for a listing.  It is 7 seconds. The difference between you and the other candidate may be solely based on your appearance. Invest in a suit, a tie, a blouse, professional shoes, and mind your grooming. You should be tidy and well kept every working day.

People always remember how they feel after you leave. Want to stand out today among the other candidates? What can you do to improve your business?

Wear a suit, no one else will and it will say volumes about your self-confidence and who you are.

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