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Population: 595,047

Area: Milwaukee


The Milwaukee city proper provides almost anything a resident can dream of. It is big city bustle with the Midwestern charm that Wisconsin offers, filled to the brim with fun activities for all ages. From classy steakhouses to food trucks, movie theaters to laser tag, nightclubs to wine tastings, Milwaukee has the perfect combination of big brands and local business.


Downtown is a blend of beautiful historic architecture and new development - a characteristic of the constantly changing, but deeply rooted culture that inhabits the city. There are beaches, biking trails, and beautiful scenic walks just minutes away from Milwaukee's heart, and small green spaces abound throughout the city. It is home to the most culturally diverse population in Wisconsin, evident in the architecture, food, art, and music you can experience throughout the city.


The City of Milwaukee buzzes with activity, from the artistic and modern Upper East Side to the red-bricked restaurants and boutiques of the Historic Third Ward. Start with Milwaukee’s iconic lakefront, featuring Bradford beach and the beautifully-designed Milwaukee Art Museum, inspired by the white sails that dot Lake Michigan, as well as the well-known Henry Maier Festival Park.

The Domes provide a fun and educational experience for children and adults alike. Stop by the Harley Davidson Museum for some fascinating history on the evolution of Harley Davidson motorcycles! For a relaxing summer lunch, either stop by the many riverfront restaurants the Third Ward offers, or watch a riveting game of baseball at Miller Park.

Drive by the impressive mansions of the Water Tower District, stop by an Instagrammable cafe on Brady St, or enjoy a fine selection of wines at one of the Third Ward’s wine bars. Milwaukee has something for everyone!

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