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Population: 4,732 (2014)

Area: 33.48 square miles


Natural beauty and a tight-knit community combine in the quaint Town of Trenton. Over 4,700 residents live in this more than 33-square mile area. The unincorporated community of Myra is located within Trenton. West Bend borders the town to the west, while Newburg is its neighbor to the east. State Highway 33 crosses through Trenton and connects to both Interstate 45 and Interstate 43, leading to an easy commute to downtown Milwaukee, a 45-minute drive southeast.

Settlers arrived in the area in 1845 and focused on the farming and dairy industries. Wheat, barley, corn, butter, and cheese were common trading goods for many years. Today, many of the people of Trenton work in machinery and health care. The low population density in the town means there is plenty of land, countless trees, large stretches of green fields, and many acres on house lots. The average home value is $232,000.


Natural beauty is on full display in Trenton due to the waterways and parks found in the town. The Milwaukee River meanders across the middle of Trenton, while Wallace Lake is located in the northwestern corner of the town. This 54-acre lake is great for both boating and fishing. The 267-acre Sandy Knoll Country Park has hiking trails, sports fields and courts, a swimming beach, and playgrounds. Quaas Creek Park is home of the Doc Gonring Athletic Fields and two miles of hiking trails.

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