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Luxury Home Sales

Sophisticated Marketing AND AGENT EXPERIENCE


Homes selling for $500,000 and higher in Milwaukee County represent just 2% of the overall marketplace sales. Succeeding in selling a luxury home in this type of market requires both a very strategic, sophisticated marketing plan and a local agent with the experience and drive to successfully serve their clients.

And Suzanne Powers Realty Group has what it takes to succeed in helping you sell (or buy) a luxury home. For the last two years, we have delighted our clients by consistently producing better results than our competitors in Milwaukee's Luxury Home Sales Market. 

Our strategic approach including our Signature Marketing platform, broad prospect reach and proven performance help us deliver great results for our clients.

Our Performance

In Milwaukee County, for homes selling for $500,000 and above, Suzanne Powers Realty Group has represented 86 highly satisfied home buyers and sellers (Jan 2014 - Nov 2015) who have successfully sold their luxury home with our growing, boutique company. This has resulted in a 14% market share for Suzanne Powers Realty in less than three years and as a result:

  • Suzanne Powers Realty Group is the Number One Office in Milwaukee County for homes selling for more than $500,000 and the Number One Office in both Milwaukee and Ozaukee County for homes selling for $1 million and higher. (MLS 1/1/2014 - 11/16/ 2015)
  • Suzanne Powers is the Number One Listing Agent for Luxury Properties $800,000+ since 2014 in Milwaukee’s North Shore and Mequon.

Suzanne Powers Realty Group is delighted with our performance for our clients in Milwaukee County and is beginning to produce these results for the surrounding communities.  We recently opened a second location in Mequon, and in a very short period of time, our performance in Ozaukee County is exceeding our expectations, as well as the expectations of our clients.

For combined sales for Milwaukee and Ozaukee Counties for homes listed and sold for more than $1 Million, Suzanne Powers Realty Group represents nearly 14% of the market and is the top office for sold closed business (current period from Jan. 1, 2014 through Nov 30, 2016). This includes 20 buyers and sellers who have successfully sold their million-dollar homes with Suzanne Powers Realty Group, Inc. in the last two years.

For a four-year-old, 30-agent company, these are stellar results. Suzanne Powers Realty Group is so proud to represent Milwaukee's Luxury Market.

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