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Suzanne Powers

Never Touch Anything with Half Your Heart. Never Touch Anything with Half Your Heart.

Never Touch Anything with Half Your Heart.

What Makes Me Different

  • Broker owner of Wisconsin’s most successful Boutique Real Estate Company - Powers Realty Group, Inc.
  • A driving force in Milwaukee Real Estate, producing Milwaukee’s Best Historical outcomes for my clients:
  • Highest Average Sale Price of the Top 25 Brokerages
  • Consistent Leader in Sale to List Price Ratios
  • Ranked in the Top 1% for 15 years and over 1000 Homes Sold
  • The customer experience is the hallmark of my business
  • An expert in advising clients on pricing strategy, whole house preparation, and seasonal timing of the real estate markets
  • A long history of mentorship and coaching sales people to their best career highs

My Story

I began my real estate career in 2003 after a short three-year pause from my corporate career as a medical device manager. I found my Fortune 50 background was uniquely tailored for corporate relocation, physician relocation, and high net worth clients. My first real estate sale was in 2003. I sold my wonderful neighbor’s home for $650,000 in one day and that was the beginning of something very special for me and Milwaukee Real Estate. Today, I am leading Wisconsin in individual sales production and sharing my talents with aspiring Realtors.

One of the most important aspects of selecting your Realtor is their availability. My dedication to be the best Real Estate Agent is a choice I make every day, because I understand you are the most important part of making Powers Realty Group successful. I put in the hours required to do this job well…and the bonus for you, is that I care deeply about what I am doing to enhance your buying and selling experience.

You won’t find another Realtor like me. I had the chops to open up my own company from the ground up based on grit and determination to give buyers and sellers something better than what was already being offered in Milwaukee Real Estate. I run a successful Boutique Firm with the help of some of the most skilled managers and agents in the industry. It has taken years to cultivate the right people and systems to produce this winning team inside Powers Realty Group. The success is in the numbers, and there is no denying how successful we are.

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My Customer Reviews

"Actions speak louder than words, and the Powers Group delivered."

- Brad and Anne Dunning ~ Milwaukee’s East Side to Fox Point

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Suzanne, Gretchen, and the rest of the team at Powers Realty Group. At our initial meeting, my wife and I were told that our needs, concerns, and interests would be met and that the team would do everything in their power to make our experience a positive one. Actions speak louder than words, and the Powers Group delivered. We greatly appreciated Suzanne's frank and honest demeanor; she never steered us wrong. At the same time, Gretchen was incredibly patient as we looked at house after house and always made us feel as if we were her only clients. If we ever find ourselves in the market again, we will be contacting Powers Realty Group!

"Suzanne has an intuitive understanding of what makes buyers and sellers tick!"

- Dermid Egan ~ Chicago to Shorewood

The team at Powers Realty Group was professional and proactive during the sale of our residence.  In our very first meeting with Suzanne she came prepared with specific and informative data that helped us understand the market.  It wasn't just a bunch of realtor credentials stuff (which she had just in case but we already knew from our research). Suzanne has an intuitive understanding of what makes buyers and sellers tick!  Ultimately, her advice on selling price and timing was spot on. The PRG  team (Gretchen, Erick, et al) was well orchestrated from staging the house to open homes to closing details. I'm happy to recommend Powers Realty Group.                       

"On the purchasing side, I've never seen an agent so detail oriented"

- Scott Connell ~ Bought and Sold in Whitefish Bay

Working with Suzanne and her team has been a great experience. From the administrative transactional stuff to the negotiations and all things in between, Suzanne and her team clearly demonstrate a commitment to top-notch service delivery and to a positive outcome in the home selling and purchasing process. Suzanne helped me sell a property with unique attributes and was fully engaged despite some of the challenges that popped up. She had a rock solid strategy and was outstanding at adjusting to market conditions ensuring we maximized the likelihood of a sale. On the purchasing side, I've never seen an agent so detail oriented and aware of her buyers and finding the property that fits them best. She does an outstanding job listening and learning about her clients to ensure she is setting them up for a successful future in a new home. Suzanne and her Team are laser focused on retaining their clients and believe in the long term relationship. It is clear that success to the Powers Team is not about closing deals, but instead ensuring clients are happy in their homes. Certainly, after my experience, I will be undoubtedly be calling her office next time I want to sell and/or buy a new house!                                  

"After interviewing the top realtors in Mequon, we chose Suzanne Powers and her team as our listing agent."

- Karl and Denise Radzins

Here is why: after hearing the canned promises from the other realtors, Suzanne and her team took a different approach. They focused on selling and marketing your property in a professional manner, following a sales map for a successful sale of your property.

Here is how they did it and [are] different from other realtors:

  • First, they staged our home, giving it a new fresh look.
  • After they staged our home they took high-quality professional photos to incorporate into their website and marketing materials to make our home stand out from our competition.
  • The main difference was at every showing someone from Suzanne’s team was present to show our home to prospective buyers and buyer’s agents. No other agency would provide such high level of service.
  • They provided fantastic feedback to us from every showing and we had a whopping 65 showings of our home. I can’t say enough about their high level of communication.
  • We had a smooth close and I want to thank Suzanne, Gretchen and their team for all of their hard work.
  • In a nutshell, why choose Suzanne Powers Realty group? Because they are a selling machine that will produce results!

"...thank you for all the help you gave us with the sale of our ranch duplex!"

- Sarada and Kanti Prasad

Your strategic thinking and energetic marketing were instrumental to the success of our transaction!

We can’t say enough about the professional excellence of your team members. Their prompt follow up and customer focus are superb!

We will be glad to refer any of our friends to your organization if they are in the real estate market as buyers or sellers!

Best wishes,

"I felt like these expert guides had led me up and down Mt. Everest, we had bonded a lot along the journey"

- M. Embar

I was freaked out about the prospect of having to sell our house: we had been out of it for nearly three years, we were living on the other side of the country, and the house was being rented out. I had spoken to Suzanne a couple of times during the years about unrelated stuff and it struck me how much time she had been willing to spend with me on the phone even though she knew she wouldn't be getting anything out of me. I've probably spoken to her for hours and it's weird that I've never actually met her in person.

Powers Realty Group are underdogs and as a business owner myself, I have a soft spot for underdogs, especially when they fiercely try to prove themselves and give you a superior experience to the established brands. This is exactly what I got from them. I was skeptical about certain things, some of the reviews, etc. and she took the time to explain those and gain my trust. I almost feel a twinge of sadness that I have no valid reason to interact with her anymore.

As for the home selling experience itself, I've never been to a spa, but I can imagine that this was what it was like. I felt pampered and taken care of. If you're a business owner and/or busy person, imagine the feeling of leaving a difficult problem that lots of people could easily screw up with, that you're dreading delegating or even dealing with, and leaving it to a team of competent people who not only know their stuff, but also understand human psychology, the importance of frequent communication, regular updates, timelines that are laid out and then actually adhered to. It was unbelievable. This process was smoother than my wildest expectations. In fact, I can't remember anything with this order of magnitude of complexity having gone this smoothly in my entire life. I don't know whether Suzanne had a soft spot for me or whether she treats all her clients this way, but she would constantly personally attend to my phone calls and emails. Gretchen and Erick were great too, but the crown jewel was Suzanne. My house wasn't even that expensive, so it wasn't a money thing. She routinely deals with houses that cost 3x+ more than mine, yet she was so nice to me and personally attended to me. At one point in time, when I was freaking out about something, she said in her no-B.S. style that I love: "Your $X house isn't going to make or break me," and I started laughing.

Like I said, I'm going to miss those interactions. Meaningful personal interactions are more important to me than material stuff. It may sound hard to believe, but I was a tiny bit bummed when the closing was complete and I got the "Thank you / We're done!" email. I felt like these expert guides had led me up and down Mt. Everest, we had bonded a lot along the journey, and now we were parting ways.

"Ever since day one, our experience with you and your associates has been impeccable."

- Ben Imhoff and Colleen Tierney


What can I say? Ever since day one, our experience with you and your associates has been impeccable. Our interactions with you and Gretchen were always professional, and we always felt heard and understood. Thank you for that. Thank you for everything. You have helped us take an amazing step in our lives, and we are so grateful.

"Thank you so much for your wise advice"

- Aaron Weiss

Gretchen and Suzanne:

Thank you so much for your wise advice, prompt project management, and the quick sale of our home. You exceeded my expectations. I knew you would gladly help us buy a home and would gladly sell ours, but I did not expect the high level of project management you provided both with the defects on the Glendale house but also with the special items the buyer wanted at the Bay Ridge house. You reduced the stress of this process tremendously. Thank you very much!!!

"We have been nothing but pleased with the whole group"

- Douglas McTavish

We have been nothing but pleased with the whole group; they've made the transition to a new area pleasant and helpful as well as helping us find our home. Now that the purchase is completed, they still offer any help. Highly recommend this Realty Group.

"We felt protected and knew they truly cared about us."

- Amy Diamond Taylor – Local Television Celebrity - Sold in Whitefish Bay bought in Mequon July 2017

We sold one home and bought our next home with Powers Realty Group. Suzanne Powers understands your family needs and works together with Gretchen Keating to smooth over and ride the waves of what can be a stressful process. They work to make sure you are comfortable with everything from showing times to staging, to contingencies.

Powers returns phone calls, (no ghosting) is proactive on issues, answers concerns, and acts in the best interest of your family. We felt protected and knew they truly cared about us. It was a great experience and we'd do it again. Highly recommend.

"Their depth about the North Shore market was extremely valuable."

- Brandon Stiles – Whitefish Seller January 2017

We were very impressed with Powers Realty Group. For a large company, they have a boutique, small company feel that cares about your individual needs. They were always available to answer questions and the communication throughout the process was excellent. Their depth about the North Shore market was extremely valuable. We were really happy we listed our house with Powers Realty Group

"My wife and I really appreciated all the hard work you put in to selling our home."

- Greg Hayry – Local Real Estate Developer - Sold in Whitefish Bay bought in Cedarburg May 2017

Suzanne and team,

My wife and I really appreciated all the hard work you put in to selling our home in Whitefish Bay. You really showed us your extensive market knowledge and expertise, which was very apparent throughout the process. In addition, it was critical to us to find a partner that shared our vision and you did just that, which helped us achieve our goals.


" Powers Group is, unequivocally, the best. They focus on you..."

- Matt O’Malley - Sold in Bayside bought in Whitefish Bay June 2017

Gretchen and Suzanne are top notch professionals. My family and I have purchased four (4) residential properties in Wisconsin with four (4) different agencies over the last few years and the Powers Group is, unequivocally, the best. They focus on you, your specific situation, and how they can mobilize their team to support your purchase or sale. I would not be surprised if the Powers Group was larger than Shorewest in a few short years.

"We have been nothing but pleased with the whole group."

- Kathy McTavish - Shorewood Retired Homeowner February 2017

We have been nothing but pleased with the whole group; they've made the transition to a new area pleasant and helpful as well as helping us find our home. Now that the purchase is completed, they still offer any help. Highly recommend this Realty Group.

"They are honest, hands-on and really helped to take the pressure off of us."

- Scott Blum – Shorewood Homeowner Shorewood, Wisconsin March 2017

My wife and I were first-time home buyers with very little knowledge about how to find the right place. We contacted Suzanne and within days she had a plan to help us. She was very professional and knowledgeable about the area in Shorewood we were looking at.

In no time, she found us a gem. We knew instantly that it was the one for us! Gretchen got us the first showing and walked us through every step of the negotiations. Thanks to her and Suzanne’s efforts, within a few hours of working hard for us, the seller accepted our offer!

They are honest, hands-on and really helped to take the pressure off of us. The entire process, from contract to closing went as we were told, without any problems or delays.

My wife and I just love our new home.

We would recommend Suzanne, Gretchen and the Powers Realty team to anyone who wants a realtor who takes them seriously, cares about you and gets exactly what you are looking for and will work hard to make sure that you not only find a house, but your home!

"We can easily say your firm was the best"

- George and Kathy Staroselec

We are so glad we chose Powers Realty Group for the sale of our house!  We have bought and sold many homes through the year and we can easily say your firm was the best we ever dealt with.  You understood the market and the unique attributes of our house.  Great people get great results like selling in 3 days for over the asking price.  

Thank You all so much!

"I highly recommend Suzanne Powers Realty"

- Julianna de Javor

I highly recommend Suzanne Powers Realty: Suzanne, Gretchen and Eric are an outstanding team. After a lengthy, costly and blundered up three-month process with a major competitor, I relisted my house in Shorewood with Suzanne. This team will not squander away your hard-earned money, nor will they unethically form unrealistic expectations as some realtors do. They are on point using modern marketing techniques that include social media and Zillow and understand the changing expectations in the current market. The house was staged well and very fast. Suzanne also has a great network of supporting roles (painters, snow cleaners, etc.), so that you do not have to waste your time trying to stage your own house. Also, outstanding communications using modern communication techniques. Suzanne and her team have a great understanding of the underlying real estate market and how to market your home in an optimal way. Suzanne and her team focused on my needs and time line and got fast results. I wish I would have not wasted three months with their competitor.

"From Listing to Closing, the most professional and hard working team I've seen. "

- Kevin Schiff

From Listing to Closing, the most professional and hard working team I've seen. Gretchen, Erick and Suzanne are fabulous communicators and get the job done. Powers Realty is #1 for a reason. Well done and greatly appreciate your hard work. I highly recommend!!!

"My husband and I have had many positive experiences with Powers."

- Matt and Anne Lautz

My husband and I have had many positive experiences with Powers. Gretchen’s honest, go-getter attitude was refreshing to work with. It was a pleasure having her on our side to buy a new home. When it came time to sell, Suzanne, Gretchen and Erick were a great team! They got the job done successfully and in a timely manner. Kathie’s home staging was absolutely amazing! We received so many compliments on how nice everything looked! We look forward to many more positive experiences with Powers Realty Group in the years to come.

"We were pleased with her professionalism, ideas, and focus leading to the sale."

- Peg and Bill Schaaf

Suzanne, thank you for finally selling our home.

After a year, our home was still on the market. It was a large custom built house in rural Delafield, on over four acres. It was beautiful; but unique.

Suzanne and Gretchen were contacted about a property we were interested in should our home sell.  With their first visit and Suzanne's explanation of her "boutique" real estate operation, we thought about switching to her.  She explained the added benefits of being her own company for research and evaluation of the market.

My wife and I then changed to her.  And with a slightly lowered price, the property sold.  We were pleased with her professionalism, ideas, and focus leading to the sale.

" We would recommend Powers without reservation."

- Mark and Peggy Pushkash

My wife and I recently sold our home through Powers Real Estate Group. Suzanne and Gretchen were attentive, prepared and professional. They provided exemplary service, and we couldn't be happier or more satisfied with the outcome. We would recommend Powers without reservation.

"Powers Realty Group’s leadership in the market is unquestioned. "

- Chris and Lisa Dresselhuys

Powers Realty Group’s leadership in the market is unquestioned. Suzanne and her team have handled several transactions for my wife and I and we have always been pleased with their thoughtfulness and results.

"Five Stars for the Powers Group!!"

- Tim and Ann Marie Lawler

I interviewed several top Realtors in the Metro-Milwaukee Area before listing my home in Mequon. I was impressed from the very start. Both of the principal owners participated in their presentation. My entire career has been in sales and marketing. Wow, their professionalism and dedication to their business was impressive! They utilized the latest technology to market their client's home and are actively connected in the community and stay in contact with business leaders to source potential buyers.

The Powers Group are not just looking to list your home, they are tasked to sell your property and have cultivated the resources and contacts to solve any challenge that arises in the process.

Everyone in the Powers Group was helpful and professional and were always ready and willing to go above and beyond any other Realtor I have used to sell houses in the past. Suzanne, Gretchen and Erick were an absolute pleasure to deal with!

I strongly recommend using them. Their work ethic and knowledge of the business and the market are outstanding!

"Powers team did a great job once again! "

- Julie Prochnow

Powers team did a great job once again! This time selling my parents house. Very quick, efficient and professional. Everything went as planned, no surprises...couldn’t have asked for an easier transition. Thanks Suzanne, Gretchen and Erick.

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