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Shorewood, Wisconsin is best known as the “urban forest” of the North Shore. Shorewood is known for its beautiful architecture, excellent schools, and commitment to sustainability. The village is known also as a Bird City and Tree City in the USA, and one of the first communities in Wisconsin to have LED traffic signals and a curbside recycling program, thanks to the Sustainable Shorewood Action Plan. As a vibrant community of families and lifelong residents, it was named one of the United States’ four “Best Inter-generational Communities” by the MetLife Foundation - and just like nearby Whitefish Bay, Shorewood residents feel a strong community bond and pride in their home.


Shorewood is the trendy hotspot of the North Shore! The village has five parks - if it’s hot out, you’re sure to find people on the many beaches and playgrounds. Got an athlete? Shorewood’s recreation department offers programs for everything from dodgeball to snowboarding. Cyclists will enjoy a bike-friendly atmosphere anywhere they go, whether riding on the road or enjoying a trip down the Oak Leaf Trail; competitive bikers can try their luck in the Shorewood Criterium Cycling Classic. If you forget your bike at home, have no fear! Shorewood has plenty of Bublr bike stations for when it’s just too nice to drive.

Every foodie can find a favorite restaurant in Shorewood - from Buttermint to luxurious Lake Park Bistro, classic Benji’s Deli and Three Lions' Pub, there truly is something for every palate. Need a quick pick-me-up before work? Stop in at Colectivo for a fair-trade cappuccino and a pastry, or pop by Starbucks to grab the latest Frappuccino flavor. Any passionate coffee connoisseur who’s looking for more of an experience, however, will appreciate the hipster vibe and artisanal drinks of Stone Creek Coffee.

If the attractions and activities of Shorewood itself aren’t enough, the businesses, museums, and festivals of metropolitan Milwaukee are just a short 4 miles south by way of Interstate 43 or scenic Lake Drive, making a fun night out a few minutes away!

In Shorewood, there's a community group for every interest! These include:

Why Shorewood?

More than just a place to rest your head at night, the Shorewood community is truly a remarkable place to live, work and play.

Shorewood's easy walkability to parks, stores and restaurants is one of the top reasons why Milwaukee area residents decide to relocate here.

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1.591 SQ MILES

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Milwaukee County



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Shorewood Public Schools

School District of Shorewood, WI PK, K-6

Atwater Elementary School

School District of Shorewood, WI PK, K-6

Lake Bluff Elementary School

School District of Shorewood, WI 9-12

New Horizons Charter School for Learning

School District of Shorewood, WI 9-12

Shorewood High School

School District of Shorewood, WI 7-8

Shorewood Intermediate School

Shorewood Private Schools

Private School Shorewood, WI PK, K-8

St. Robert Elementary School

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