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Rated by Niche as one of the best Wisconsin towns to raise a family in, Mukwonago has something for everyone to love. Lots of public park land, award-winning school districts, thriving businesses, and many natural waterways make up this village located in Waukesha County and Walworth County. Nearly 7,600 people reside in Mukwonago, which is bordered by East Troy to the southwest and Big Bend to the northeast. Downtown Milwaukee is only a 25-minute drive, thanks to easy access to Interstate 43.

Mukwonago was originally the home of the Bear Clan of Potawatomi Indians. The name “Mukwonago” was derived from “mequanego” which translates to “bear’s den.” Many of the streets and roads in Mukwonago are named after the founders of the village.


There are endless outdoor activities to take advantage of in Mukwonago. The Upper and Lower Phantom Lakes are located in the western part of the village and can be used for swimming, boating, and fishing. In addition, the Mukwonago River runs through the village and is one of the most biologically diverse rivers in southeastern Wisconsin. The 44-acre Mukwonago River State Natural Area boasts different landscapes to explore, such as forests, savannas, and wetlands. All different types of sports, from baseball to football to Frisbee golf, can be played on the 526 acres of public park land in Mukwonago. The Vernon Marsh Wildlife Area, located on the northern end of Mukwonago, is used for fishing, hunting, hiking, and boating.

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8.081 SQ MILES

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Waukesha County



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Mukwonago Public Schools

School District of Big Bend, WI PK, K-6

Big Bend Elementary School

School District of Mukwonago, WI PK, K-6

Clarendon Avenue Elementary School

School District of Eagle, WI 1-6

Eagleville Charter School

School District of Mukwonago, WI 9-12

Mukwonago High School

School District of Mukwonago, WI 7-8

Park View Middle School

School District of North Prairie, WI PK, K-6

Prairie View Elementary School

School District of Mukwonago, WI PK, K-6

Rolling Hills Elementary School

School District of Mukwonago, WI PK, K-6

Section Elementary School

Mukwonago Private Schools

Private School Mukwonago, WI PK, K-12

Mukwonago Baptist Academy

Private School Mukwonago, WI PK, K-10

Nature's Classroom Montessori School

Private School Mukwonago, WI PK, K-8

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran School

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