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Why a Clean, Shiny Basement Floor Makes a Difference – and How to Get One

It may be located at the very bottom of your home, however, it’s one of my top recommendations for Home Sellers – give your basement floor a fresh coat of paint. Do this for two reasons:

1. Dark, dank basements often produce unfavorable feelings about the entire home. However, a seamless, flowing, clean basement floor compliments today’s buyers’ desire for a sparkling, clean home and can make any unfinished part of the basement feel more livable, as well as let Buyers know the entire home has been well cared for. Win Buyers over with a shiny, gray (over time, any marks will be less noticeable on gray) industrial-grade paint so clean they could eat off your basement floor. It will help your home sell for top dollar.

2. In addition, a buyer’s Home Inspector will spend about one hour inspecting a basement and frequently, the Buyers are with them. To make your basement show its best to everyone spending a lot of time exploring it, paint the floor. And painting the floor, makes a much bigger difference than paining the walls.

In July 2021, we began using Sherwin Williams new basement floor paint technology to create a clean, shiny, factory floor finish for our Seller’s basement floors:  ArmorSeal 8100 by Sherwin Williams.  It’s a water-based epoxy floor paint that is recommended for industrial and commercial use.  However, we’ve found it also stands up to the beatings residential basement floors typically get.

This paint finish is shiny and smooth and creates a floor that will impress buyers. We have moved away from our former suggestion of buying the basement floor paint kit found at home improvement stores toward this impressive industrial paint that will not scratch or flake easily. We promise you will love the results. 

For more information on home improvements tips and paint selections for your home you can reach out to Suzanne Powers at Powers Realty Group, Inc.

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